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Clasps & Jump Rings Gold-Filled Findings


Clasps & Jump Rings Gold-Filled Findings

Shop premium gold-filled findings at We have an extensive collection of gold-filled findings, including gold-filled clasps and jump rings. Xinar has been selling high-quality jewelry-making supplies on the internet since the 1990s, and we are proud of our commitment and tradition to providing only the best beads and findings to our customers, especially now that it is becoming increasingly difficult for customers to locate genuine gold-filled/rolled gold beads and findings.

We can guarantee you that our gold-filled items are as advertised – they’re not gold-washed or gold-plated. So if you love quality jewelry-making supplies, be sure to bookmark our site by pressing Ctrl + D. If you are on a Mac, it’s Command + D.

Xinar’s gold-filled clasps and jump rings are processed using an advanced, proprietary gold bonding method that adheres pure gold to the core jeweler’s brass at the atomic level. The mechanical bonding method ensures durability and a lifetime’s worth of use without fading or chipping.

Working with Gold-Filled Clasps & Jump Rings

Gold-filled findings are durable and attractive and are a good fit for contemporary and classic designs.

This 14k gold-filled spring ring clasp is a metal ring with a straightforward spring mechanism; pull back on the tiny lever to compress the spring, leaving an aperture for a jump ring or tab. When you release the lever, the clasp shuts, and the chain is locked in place.

Remember that trying to fasten a spring-ring clasp on a bracelet with one hand can be a pain – you’ll need a little more time and patience if the metal ring is small. Overall, though, it’s a valuable clasp that’s a good fit for most daily jewelry.

The 14k gold-filled lobster clasp is self-closing and spring-loadedTo open it, simply apply pressure on the lever until the bottom area swings outwards When the lever is released, the clasp closes.

Lobster clasps are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes, including one that allows the clasp component to spin 360 degrees without damaging the jewelry. This swivel type is ideal for bracelets and anklets that move around a lot when you’re wearing them.

A lobster clasp should be used to secure any piece of light or medium-weight everyday jewelry. For heavier objects, you’ll need something a little more durable.Most hook clasp designs like the 12k gold-filled eye & hook clasp are strong enough to keep medium to heavyweight statement jewelry in place! First, choose your hook clasp size based on the amount of weight it will be holding: Heavy = huge clasp, medium weight = medium clasp. Then, based on the other materials in your design, choose a material for your hook and eye clasps.

Fishhook clasps aren’t as prevalent as other closures, yet they’re one of the most elegant and spectacular. A metal hook can be found on one end. Due to the simple spring mechanism, the hook fastens into a secret area inside the box and occasionally even locks.

Because this clasp is challenging to operate with one hand, it’s best suited to a necklace rather than a bracelet. However, these clasps can be stunning and even blinged out with gemstones, allowing them to create an effortless fashion statement.

Gold Filled Clasps and Gold Filled Jump Rings

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Gold Filled Clasps and Gold Filled Jump Rings

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