Far Fetched Whimsy & Biscuit Earrings

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Far Fetched Whimsy & Biscuit Earrings

Welcome to the world of whimsy! Xinar.com is the home of warm and heartfelt artisan jewelry from numerous Far Fetched Jewelry collections.

You’re now looking at pieces from the Whimsy Collection – specifically biscuit earrings with the vintage aesthetic. So far, Fetched Jewelry is known for its unique, mixed-metal design that uses silver, brass, and copper.

The current revival of the mixed-metal jewelry movement has set a tradition of excellence in the 1970s, beginning with Richard Wolf, the founder of Far Fetched Jewelry. He was only a young university student then at Sonoma State University.

He found himself traveling off-beaten paths in Taxco, in the state of Guerrero in Mexico. In Mexico’s villages and homes across dirt roads and walking trails, he discovered the inimitable beauty of artisan crafts made by crafters who sadly needed a regular income stream.

Richard realized that artisans and a profitable business could meet in the middle in these villages. So Richard proceeded to fill his suitcases with donated clothes from the US, and he came back to the country with those suitcases filled with abalone jewelry.

Richard’s dream began small, but he didn’t give up. Instead, he found himself selling the precursors of what would eventually become Far Fetched Jewelry to farmer’s markets festivals, and finally, even Disneyland took notice of them.

What Does Vintage Mean?

Labeling anything vintage is significantly more subjective than defining the object as an “antique.” “Of age” is the root of the term “vintage.” There are numerous ways to interpret a phrase with such a broad connotation.

Some dealers assign a period to vintage objects, but there should be differentiation now – the vintage aesthetic has expanded dramatically. Vintage can now refer to just the technology involved or reflected in an item. A “vintage shirt” may not have come in the 1970s, but still comfortably embraced by lovers of the vintage aesthetic.

Many vintage items evoke fond memories. However, the rarity of vintage items isn’t the only thing that draws buyers to them. Decorating and collecting are fond activities associated with vintage jewelry and other items. Since so many of these items may still be put to good use, they are both functional and decorative at the same time.

If you’re a novice antique and vintage shopper, you may get a little lost in the terminology. The age of an item is the sole determinant of whether it is considered antique or vintage.

Items that have been around for at least a century are considered antiques. 

Far Fetched Whimsy & Biscuit Earrings

Far Fetched Whimsy & Biscuit Earrings