Far Fetched Vintage Jewelry 1980-2000


Far Fetched Vintage Jewelry 1980-2000

Find beautiful vintage Far Fetched Jewelry from Xinar.com! These vintage pieces of Jewelry come from various Far Fetched Jewelry collections from the 1980s to the pre-2000s. Expect items from the Milagro and Tex-Mex collections here, too. Xinar offers a wide variety of necklaces, pendants, earrings, and pins in this larger group so that you can complete your look.

Items in this collection are mixed-metal Jewelry containing brass, copper, and sterling silver. Mixed-metal Jewelry is notable for the difficulty in crafting these designs. The metallurgy involved is advanced, considering artisan or handcrafted jewelry designs combine two or three metals with different melting and cooling points.

Far Fetched Jewelry has been around for 35 years, and what began to help talented artisans in the Guerrero state in Mexico eventually bloomed into a household name in handcrafted Jewelry.

Many of these designs begin as sheet stock and are shaped and formed by hand by the most talented artisans.

Thirty-five years after the dream was born, the artisans from Taxco, Mexico, continue to make Far Fetched Jewelry. The tradition is being passed on from generation to generation as the family’s younger members continue to help with this beautiful, artisan jewelry.

What Was 1980s Jewelry About?

This unique collection has some jewelry from the 1980s.

From neon bracelets to oversized hoop earrings, 1980s fashion was defined by various jewelry styles. Earrings in the 1980s were huge and extravagant. Large hoop earrings were a must-have accessory for any 1980s woman. Clip-on earrings were popular since pierced designs were frequently unwearable due to their weight. Gold disc earrings were incredibly stylish, complementing the giant gold buttons adorned jackets and blazers. It was all about imitation pearls and false jewels.

Necklaces came in a variety of styles, from beaded to massive pendants. Again, gold was a prominent component of many 1980s necklaces, whether genuine gold or gold-plated pieces. Additionally, crystal and cut glass were popular, complementing other forms of Jewelry that featured natural gemstones. Long ropes of fake pearls were worn plain, in bunches, or with the ends knotted.

Brooches saw a renaissance in popularity in the 1980s. Whereas pins were previously considered a little out of date, 80s fashion jewelry styles demanded clips that were as huge and dramatic as other pieces of Jewelry.

Cocktail rings and other costume jewelry were a staple of 1980s fashion. These were worn throughout the day and at night and contributed to the decade’s general sense of confidence and affluence.

Like other 1980s jewelry trends, Bracelets make a big, strong statement. But, then, it was fashionable to Jelly wristbands in vivid hues were a must-have for the younger population, who wore as many as their arms could comfortably accommodate.

Digging 1990s Jewelry

The majority of Jewelry in this collection is from the pre-2000s era of Far Fetched Jewelry.

Jewelry of the 1990s was wildly varied, and its accessibility ensured that it spread like wildfire. Anyone can wear a plastic tattoo choker or create a shell necklace! Additionally, it shared several of the most significant elements of the decade’s major fashion trends.

Specifically, they were wild and intensely personal, with a costume quality that allowed anyone to experiment with various products. That celebrity style was everywhere for the public to take inspiration from (whether through films, television programs, or music)!

Grunge flourished at the start of the decade and remained somewhat popular until 1995. Being grunge meant being a part of a movement with a very particular view of the world, and wearing it meant sending an undeniable message: that you were anti-system and focused on doing your wild, free-spirited thing!

Flannel shirts, oversized knit sweaters, droopy skirts, and tattered tights were preferred apparel pieces. Courtney Love’s slightly gothic, passionate, and unkempt costumes are layered with thin, delicate gold necklaces and dainty gold chokers.

The style expanded into New Age terrain as the decade progressed, incorporating energy-related features such as natural stones and power beaded necklaces. It was a more spiritual approach that contained Feng Shui, reiki healing, and Hindi beliefs, among other stuff.

Batik tees, knitted cardigans, and long skirts were favored, paired with ear cuffs, mood rings, and layered necklaces. Additionally, semi-precious stones became highly valued accouterments, too!

Far Fetched Vintage Jewelry 1980-2000

Far Fetched Vintage Jewelry 1980-2000