Far Fetched Talk Talk Jewelry

Talk Talk Jewelry collection

Far Fetched Talk Talk Jewelry

Do you need jewelry that’s not only special but also truly heartfelt and unique? If you said yes, then you’d be pleased with Far Fetched Jewelry’s Talk Talk Jewelry. The Talk Talk collection is one of the pioneers of using phrases and words as integral components of the artisan jewelry design. All Far Fetched Jewelry is handcrafted and unique, even if you look at items from the same method.

If mass-produced is not your thing, and you want something extraordinary for your collection, try Talk Talk jewelry from Far Fetched Imports. The Talk Talk Collection began in the early 2000s and continues to be an inspiration for fans, collectors, and other crafters who have fallen in love with the heartwarming, vintage aesthetic that is telling of all Far Fetched Jewelry collections.

Talk Talk jewelry is all about creating memories and affirmations and cherishing them always. The beauty of the designs is but one layer of the gift these jewelry give. Read through the beautiful messages on each one, and you know that these timeless words should be passed down from generation to generation.

Far Fetched Jewelry has been providing the artisan’s touch to countless fans and collectors since the 1980s. These are artisan jewelry made from Taxco, Mexico.

The founder of Far Fetched Imports, Richard Wolf, dreamt of an enterprise that could enrich the lives of the great artisans who have been working with the business since the 1980s. The original artisan techniques have been passed on since then to younger crafters, as the traditions of excellence remain.

Understanding Vintage and Retro Jewelry

World War II forever altered the world’s social, cultural, and political landscapes. The era’s fashion was also influenced by it. In keeping with the times, women’s clothing became more streamlined and more straightforward due to restrictions on the availability of materials. Several factors contributed to the shortage of base metals commonly used in costume jewelry during World War II: As a result, many Sterling Silver jewelry items were produced by the jewelry industry. A vermeil finish was applied to Sterling silver when a gold color was desired.

In retro vintage jewelry, Art Deco style elements like angular shapes, sparkling rhinestones, and some colored glass stones can be seen because the Retro jewelry period was immediately following the 1930s Art Deco period. Initially, it was a small and delicate style, but it quickly evolved into more extensive and bolder designs with brightly colored gemstones. Therefore, wartime outfits would benefit significantly from adding a few eye-catching jewelry pieces.

As a result, many retro or vintage jewelry pieces feature floral motifs. Glass stones were often used to replicate the petals of flowers, while Sterling silver was used to represent both the leaves and stems. To add a little sparkle, smaller, clear rhinestones were used.

Vintage silver jewelry is typically marked with “STER” or “STERLING.” There were no “925” stamps in use until a long time after that. Most of the designs were stamped and machine-created when it came to jewelry, which was in keeping with the times. Despite the scarcity of materials, manufacturers took great care to ensure that the quality of the jewelry reflected this.

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