Far Fetched Talk Talk Earrings


Far Fetched Talk Talk Earrings

Bring the beauty of handcrafted, artisan jewelry to your home and collection with Far Fetched Jewelry’s Talk Talk Earrings! These unique and exciting pieces come from pioneers of using actual words in jewelry designs. Nothing expresses your feelings and ideas more than just exact words, masterfully crafted into artisan jewelry that transcends any era.

These beautiful vintage earrings will sit well with any similar aesthetic and diversify your fashion as the vintage aesthetic is experiencing a great revival in the current years. So far, Fetched Jewelry Talk Talk earrings were made during the early 2000s, and you have the option of going from simple drop earrings to more elaborate designs, depending on your taste and needs.

The Talk Talk collection is about positive personal affirmations, inspiring thoughts, and cherished memories. It reminds you who you are and why you should always strive to be you, no matter what. These pieces are sterling silver, but there are occasional mixed-metal accents of copper or brass.

Talk Talk earrings are part of a broader family of collections from Far Fetched Jewelry (Far Fetched Imports). A cottage industry makes these stunning, one-of-a-kind artisan jewelry pieces in Taxco, Mexico.

Far Fetched Jewelry is the brainchild of Richard Wolf, who began his quest for ethical jewelry 35 years ago as a university student at Sonoma State University. In the 1970s, Richard started traveling and selling artisan jewelry. After numerous journeys, he began focusing on communities and villages just outside Taxco, in the state of Guerrero in Mexico.

These unassuming villages in Guerrero were the homes of highly talented artisans who led humble and straightforward lives but had everything to offer the world through the free expression of their jewelry designs. But unfortunately, these artisans also needed work, and Richard Wolf already had a vision of how he would help these crafters. The idea of making a living while uplifting the lives of these artisans living outside Taxco was most compelling. It was an ethical and tantalizing prospect, one that benefited everyone concerned.

Earrings in Fashion

Earrings became an essential part of the 60s style thanks to their outlandish designs and their use in conjunction with the decade’s straight hair and voluminous dresses. Ear piercing wasn’t widely available on the high street until the 1970s, when doctors, medical establishments, or risky at-home procedures pierced ears for the first time. Multiple piercings and earlobe piercings on the same ear became popular in the 1970s, ushering in a more delicate style.

Large hoops, bright colors, and chunky styles typified the men’s earring revival of the 1980s after three centuries on the fringes of fashion. In addition, earrings became more accessible to everyone thanks to the rise in the availability of costume jewelry.

While many expected new trends to emerge with the dawn of the new millennium, jewelers instead chose to update classic designs while keeping things simple. Rather than imitations or metalwork, earrings adorned with gemstones have recently returned to fashion.

Far Fetched Talk Talk Earrings

Far Fetched Talk Talk Earrings