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Far Fetched Pendant, Necklaces & Keychains

Find retro-inspired or vintage Far Fetched Jewelry only here at Xinar.com! Far Fetched Jewelry is the brainchild of Richard Wolf, who first discovered the master artisans in Taxco, Mexico, in the 1970s.

What began as several journeys to and from the Guerrero state blossomed into an ethical jewelry business that benefited artisans back in Mexico. Far Fetched Jewelry is known for its heartfelt and unique designs, and each one is a little different – just like you! On this page, you will find Far Fetched keychains, Far Fetched necklaces, and Far Fetched pendants from various collections, all from the 2000s moving forward.

If you are looking for older pieces, check out our Vintage collection, which features 1980s jewelry and 1990s jewelry. If you love handcrafted or artisan jewelry, you will feel right at home at Xinar.com.

We are the home of one of the most exciting and varied collections of Far Fetched Imports (and some discontinued collections), so you won’t find them anywhere else but here. This selection includes items from Whimsy, Nica, and Biscuit collections. These are significant collections of handcrafted jewelry that are always charming and unique, perfect for you or anyone you’re planning to gift.

Xinar.com has been selling the best jewelry-making supplies and jewelry since the 1990s. Over twenty years of experience backs our jewelry-making supplies store, and we’d love to help you out if there is something you can’t find.

Why Buy Artisan Jewelry?

If you don’t have a large budget for jewelry, mass-produced jewelry has a certain allure. But think of it this way: buying an original painting rather than a poster print of a well-known artwork is always more memorable. The poster has some aesthetic merit, but the original has that special artist’s touch. That’s what artisan jewelry is all about.

Ultimately, custom-made jewelry will often offer more value than mass-produced jewelry because of the quality of the materials. In addition, hand-crafted jewelry is closer to the metals and stones used and has a higher level of attention to detail.

You can feel good about supporting your community’s economy by purchasing from a local artisan. There’s also the bonus of reducing your carbon footprint, as well as supporting a local business. Although you’ll indeed pay more for a one-of-a-kind piece made by hand, you’re also helping to preserve something unique by supporting an artist’s work.

Many small-scale entrepreneurs around the world sell their unique handcrafted jewelry to support their local economies, so you don’t have to buy from someone in your city or stat

You’ll find a wide variety of beaded jewelry, textile arts, and more from men and women in developing countries that need to support their families. The handcrafted items will always make great gifts you can feel good about.

You’re still supporting a more localized, more intimate form of economic growth when you buy from artisans, like those who hand-craft Far Fetched Jewelry. 

Far Fetched Pendant, Necklaces & Keychains

Far Fetched Pendant, Necklaces & Keychains