Far Fetched Mina & Oly Post & Dangle Earring Collection


Far Fetched Mina & Oly Post & Dangle Earring Collection

Shop for the best-handcrafted post earrings and dangle earrings from Far Fetch Jewelry’s Mina & Oly Collection, only from Xinar.com. The Mina & Oly Collection, like other Far Fetched Jewelry, features beautiful artisan or handcrafted jewelry that uses Alpaca silver.

The collection highlights the true beauty of mixed metal jewelry, beautiful contrast, and broader appeal. The Mina & Oly Collection hails from 2012 and includes an incredible array of old and new designs from Far Fetched Jewelry. If you’re looking for a collection that represents what handcrafted jewelry is all about, the Mina & Oly Collection would be that collection.

Far Fetched Jewelry was founded by Richard Wolf, who began his search for ethical jewelry 35 years ago as a Sonoma State University student. Richard started traveling and selling artisan jewelry in the 1970s. Following multiple travels, he began focusing on cities and villages near Taxco in the Mexican state of Guerrero.

These inconspicuous communities in Guerrero were home to extremely gifted artisans who lived simple lives but had everything to offer the world through the unfettered expression of their jewelry designs. However, these artisans required work, and Richard Wolf already had an idea of how he would assist them.

Initially, Richard encountered issues transporting the jewelry to the United States. As a result, he transported donated clothing in numerous suitcases and returned to the United States with bags already half full of jewelry.

He drove throughout California in a little pick-up truck equipped with a camper. Richard conducted business with both small and large merchants and sold Far Fetched Jewelry at flea markets and artisan festivals.

Any artisan or crafter who has attempted to sell their items previously would understand the difficulties Richard encountered. However, perseverance can go a long, long way, and Richard’s efforts eventually paid off. Richard received his first large customer — Disneyland – following the success of his first California gift show. Following his first significant customer, he relocated to his father’s basement (renting the area) and registered Far Fetched Imports, Inc.

What is Alpaca Silver?

Contrary to its name, alpaca silver has little resemblance to alpacas or silver. Instead, it is derived from the Chinese term paktong, which translates as “white copper,” for nickel silver (a copper alloy combining nickel and zinc). Nickel silver has a long history dating back to the Qing Dynasty in China. During the Qing dynasty, nickel silver was smuggled into the East Indies, despite a government restriction on the alloy’s export.

Europe eventually adopted paktong, even referring to it by its Chinese name. In 1750, Germany began imitating paktong, spawning various offshoots. For example, alpaca silver, sometimes known as German silver, was created in 1823 due to a German competition aimed at finding an alloy that looked the most like silver. As a result, Alpacca, the company’s trademark name, became well-known throughout Northern Europe as a supplier of nickel silver.

While alpaca silver is not as precious as silver financially, it is a favorite material among jewelers and artisans.

Alpaca silver is extensively used in jewelry and crafts in Mexico, Central America, and South America. It is highly durable and malleable, allowing for the creation of intricate pieces while remaining strong enough to retain their shape. 

Far Fetched Mina & Oly Post & Dangle Earring Collection

Far Fetched Mina & Oly Post & Dangle Earring Collection