Far Fetched Europa Collection Hoops and Posts Earrings


Far Fetched Europa Collection Hoops and Posts Earrings

Get the rarest hoop earrings and post earrings from Far Fetched Jewelry, only from Xinar.com! Far Fetched Jewelry is the brainchild of Richard Wolf, who, 35 years ago, discovered artisans in Taxco, Mexico. Having a sustainable business while also improving the lives of these artists living outside of Taxco appealed to Richard the most. A business that benefited everyone was an ethical and enticing proposition, indeed.

They created stunning jewelry despite living in a cramped one- or two-bedroom homes that often lacked contemporary conveniences like running water or even good floors. Their inventiveness and Richard’s vision proved far more potent than the hardships brought on by their inability to find permanent employment, even though their home had a dirt floor.

Making their aspirations come true was not an easy journey for Richard. To track down the homes of these skilled artisans, Richard took to the dusty trails and back roads. With their magnificent abalone jewelry creations (this is where they began), these crafters demonstrated to Richard that their talents have a place in the world of modern jewelry.

What’s the History of Hoop Earrings?

In Mesopotamia, hoop earrings were first worn by the ancient African civilization’s people. As far back as 2500 BC, Sumerian women have been the first to wear hoop earrings. From that point on, as hoops gained popularity throughout the Aegean region, they took on a variety of styles and forms. In Egypt, men and women began wearing hoop earrings as soon as they arrived, giving rise to increasingly elaborate designs. Greek and ancient Italian artisans improved on the hoop’s basic structure and added a wealth of ornamentation.

People wore hoops in similar ways to show their devotion to their deity. Many cultures, including Asian and Latin American ones, have the tradition of decorating their hoops with symbols honoring particular gods.

Latina virgencita hoops, like those worn by many Latinas, are part of a long-standing tradition that dates back many centuries. Hoops have been a part of people’s appearances since the beginning of time. Hoops have been an essential part of history, demonstrating status, devotion, or fashion.

In light of this, it’s no surprise that hoops have become a symbol of strength and perseverance for people of color. Many Latinas consider owning a pair of hoops as a child a rite of passage. As soon as your mother can find a piercer, she has your ears pierced with studs or micro-hoops as a form of training.

A pair of hoops is a symbol for many Latinas of expressing our values and beliefs without reservation. But, on the other hand, Hoops are more than just a fashionable accessory for Latinas, who see them as a symbol of their identity.

Some Latinas believe they must stop wearing hoops if they want to be taken seriously, even if they consider them an essential part of their identity. Women like Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, on the other hand, have been challenging the social norms around acceptable clothing for women.

She made it a point to wear her hoops and, in many ways, validated the identity of so many Latinas who had previously kept their hoop earrings hidden in their jewelry boxes and reserved for the weekends. Ocasio-Cortez wearing hoops was considered a “radical act” by some.

Far Fetched Europa Collection Hoops and Posts Earrings

Far Fetched Europa Collection Hoops and Posts Earrings