Far Fetched Dangle & Post Earring


Far Fetched Dangle & Post Earrings

Bring home jewelry pieces that are uniquely artisan from Xinar’s Far Fetched Jewelry collections. This collection includes beautiful Far Fetched Jewelry from the 1980s to the present, including the Mima & Oly collection. The Mima & Oly collection marked the turn of Far Fetched Jewelry to lower-cost mixed metal jewelry and Alpaca.

There has been a considerable shift also to mixed-metal jewelry in recent years. The unwritten code that people should only wear one precious or semiprecious metal at a time was broken, as people realized the innate beauty of combinations of complementary metals that produced genuinely stunning designs.

What’s fascinating about mixed metal jewelry is the metallurgical skill of the artisans who had to work with two or three different melting points in making these jewelry collections. It was not easy to maintain the design while working with temperamental metals that could easily be deformed as the artisans crafted them.

If you’re searching high and low for attractive vintage jewelry that fits perfectly with the aesthetic, check out this collection, as it has limited designs from the eighties to the nineties.

Time flies so fast, and it’s been 35 years since Richard Wolf first took a chance at the talented artisans of villages in Taxco, in the state of Guerrero in Mexico. Today, Richard’s company continues to provide a livelihood to the original artisans and their families in Mexico, where it all began – and they’re still doing business ethically, intending to uplift the great talents behind these unique vintage pieces of jewelry.

Why Choose Artisan Jewelry?

Artisan jewelry can be characterized as wearable pieces created by a master craftsman. You may get custom-made items from a wide variety of sources these days, including online retailers, high-end boutiques, and even your neighborhood farmer’s market or craft fair. In addition, artisan works have become more accessible thanks to sites like Etsy and others that allow people of various income levels to purchase them at a price that fits their budget.

Artisanal jewelry may cost more than mass-produced jewelry because of the time and effort required to make each piece by hand rather than using an assembly line. For example, rose gold bracelet prices are generally determined by the grade of the gold and the amount of labor required to bring the design to life.

Beaded bracelets, exquisite metalworking, stone cutting, and other wearables all fall under the umbrella of artisan jewelry.

In artisan jewelry, this is the common denominator: all the pieces are handcrafted and unique. Even if the artisan or crafter is working from the same source design, there will be some differences in the finished product.