Far Fetched Classico & Nica Earrings


Far Fetched Classico & Nica Earrings

Get Far Fetched Jewelry from Xinar – artisan and vintage jewelry like no other. Jewelry with heart and hope in hand.

Richard Wolf, a former Sonoma State University student who began his passion for artisan jewelry 35 years ago, is the man behind Far Fetched Jewelry. Richard started selling handmade jewelry on the road in the 1970s. After many arduous trips in the Mexican state of Guerrero, he began focusing his energies on the villages just outside the city of Taxco.

These small villages were home to some of the world’s most gifted jewelry artists who lived simple lives but had a lot to give the world through their unique artistry and designs. But unfortunately, they did not have a steady income source, so Richard Wolf devised a plan to assist these artisans.

Doing business while also improving the lives of these artists living outside of Taxco appealed to me the most. To him, the best proposition was one that would benefit everyone involved – and that perhaps is the most solid foundation of Far Fetched Jewelry.

Far Fetched developed the Far Fetched Classico and Nica Collections as everyday jewelry – collections that would have broad mass appeal and would bring a smile to anyone who’d like to add to their collection of rare and hard-to-find artisan jewelry. This jewelry includes dangle earrings with pendants, post earrings, and hoop earrings.

You will encounter the indelible marks of the master crafters who made them, including the hand-hammered styles that are undeniably artisan in all angles. These are mixed metal jewelry crafted from sterling silver with brass or copper accents. The artisans were able to combine these different metals with such precision and beauty is a testament to how unique these jewelry are.

We can say that the Nica Collection is a visible branching off in terms of design and aesthetics in the house of Far Fetched Jewelry. The artisans were exploring different ways they could meaningfully work with sheet stock.

The artisans freely explored their creativity as they bent sterling silver sheet stock into unique geometric shapes while devising ways to add stunning textures and patterns to already challenging and tiny surfaces.

They also added pearls and beads for added color and beauty. The amount of involvement in each of these designs is genuinely remarkable. The Nica Collection was named after “Nicaragua” as a percentage of sales from this collection was donated to women’s health clinics in the most remote regions of Nicaragua. So far, Fetched Jewelry is truly jewelry with heart – in more ways than one.

Bring home history and hope while looking good with Xinar’s Far Fetched Imports!

What Does Artisan Jewelry Mean?

The term “artisan jewelry” implies that it is “handmade,” however, there is a difference between a jeweler who uses prepared materials to construct their pieces and a jeweler who makes a piece from start to finish – like the ones in Far Fetched collections.

Sadly, the term “handmade” has been co-opted by many marketers to make items appear more valuable (and pricier) than they genuinely are. Many people try to pass off handmade items as the real deal because of this problem.

No matter how beautiful the finished product may be, comparing the act of putting something together with pre-existing parts to the front of producing a custom piece with raw materials is like comparing apples to oranges.

As far as US law is concerned, anything advertised as “handmade” must be crafted entirely by hand, from beginning to end. So, unlike machine-produced jewelry, which uses a mold to produce hundreds or thousands of identical pieces, authentic artisanal jewelry is made by skilled craftspeople using hand tools and lots of love.

Customers typically must wait several weeks for special orders to be finished because handmade jewelry is created one piece at a time. Therefore, a custom piece, even one purchased off the rack, will cost more because of the time it takes to make it and the precise cutting of line, texture, and pattern.

Far Fetched Classico & Nica Earrings

Far Fetched Classico & Nica Earrings