Family & Love Sterling Silver Charms


Family & Love Sterling Silver Charms 

Get fast bargains year-round at! Xinar has the best collection of family charms and love charms in 925 sterling silver. Our silver charms are exquisitely detailed and are suitable for every jewelry and crafting project.

Whether you are creating the cutest best friend bracelet or any other charm bracelet, earring, or necklace, there is always something for you here at Xinar. Xinar has been selling quality jewelry-making supplies on the internet since 1998, and our twenty-plus years of experience gives us keen insights as to what jewelry makers and DIY crafters need to get the job done.

Begin enriching your workbench with the best-looking beads and findings in different semi-precious metals from gold-filled to sterling silver and make those designs shine with accent pieces and charms sourced locally.

All Xinar’s charms are manufactured by a partner silver manufacturer that uses the lost wax casting process to create charms in 3D form and flatback casting. Xinar’s charms are also hypoallergenic, lead-free, and nickel-free, meaning you will never have to worry about anyone getting rashes or allergies after wearing your creations. In addition, our silver manufacturer adheres to the law and the strict standards of the FTC regarding nickel-free 925 sterling silver.

What are Common Love Symbols?

The heart-shaped ideograph is the most well-known, universal symbol of love, and it represents the core of romantic love, affectionate emotion, and caring. However, other symbols throughout the world carry the same degree of symbolism.


“My love is like a red, red rose that’s newly sprung in June,” Robert Frost once wrote. A red rose may symbolize romantic love, but this lyric’s origins are in religious symbolism. To this day, it stands for lust, sexual desire, and all the other facets of romantic love. Goddess Aphrodite in Greek mythology is linked to the Virgin Mary in Christianity.

Depending on the color, a white rose can represent divine love, a yellow rose can represent friendship, and a pink rose can represent infatuation or romantic feelings.


The Ankh, also known as the crux ansata, has a looping top that is often used to represent life and immortality in Christian symbolism. Scholars have theorized that the Ankh represents the female genitalia, but this has never been proven. It could also mean the union of Isis and Osiris following his resurrection by Isis. However, this is a rare occurrence.


The Menat

As well as serving as a necklace with a crescent-shaped pendant, this ancient Egyptian symbol had a counterweight that keeps it balanced. It was also used as a percussion instrument. People wore it hoping that it would bestow upon the person wearing it fertility, potency, happiness, and good fortune. There are a few other names for the menat, including menit and menet.

Doves and Swans

The swan is a common symbol for the goddesses of desire and love in Greek and Roman mythology, including Aphrodite and Venus. The beak of two swans touching is a common symbol of love. As a result, the shape of their necks resembles that of a heart, at least in modern culture. Swans have a long-term relationship, and they do so for the rest of their lives.

The dove represents Christ’s peace and love in Christianity, but two doves stand for fidelity in that love. The Hindu believe that the dove reflects the heart’s limitless capacity for love and is thus a symbol of deep, enduring love.

Even in ancient times, the dove was revered as a sacred bird frequently sacrificed in honor of Aphrodite and Venus. As a result, it’s common to see each goddess surrounded by these birds in the artwork.

When it comes to mate-for-life birds like doves, the male is a hands-on father. Symbolizing purity and unity, doves are a lovely representation of marriage.

Maple Leaves

As a symbol of love in Japan and China, the red maple leaf is used as an emblem for lovers. It was common among early North American settlers to place an unfurled maple leaf at the foot of the bed as a charm to entice lovers, induce deep sleep, and fend off evil spirits. In the same way, a stork using a maple branch to build its nest symbolizes parental love when welcoming a new baby into the world.

The sweetness of maple syrup, like the sweetness of a maple leaf, is a metaphor for the sweetness of love.

The Claddagh Ring

Symbolic of an old legend, this ring has two hands holding a heart with a crown. To describe the fishing village where this legend was first told, the word “Claddagh” (pronounced [klad-ukh]) refers to a “flat stony shore.” Richard, a fisherman, was kidnapped by the Moors and taken to Africa to work as a slave.  If only his return to Ireland had revealed that she’d been faithful to him all along. He could have given her a ring then and there.

To show that a person is engaged before a formal wedding, this piece of jewelry is worn. It is a symbol of eternal friendship, love, and loyalty. In addition to wedding rings, they can be found in other types of jewelry and even engraved on them.

The Love Knot

The love knot is a Celtic love symbol that has become worldwide. Intricate knots bind two ropes together to appear to be one and without beginning or end. As a result, it has a variety of names.

Celtic sailors are said to have used this knot to symbolize their longing to be entwined with their loved ones while at sea. This knot would be presented to the loved one upon returning home. Today, it represents the perfect union of eternal love between two individuals. In addition to the sailor’s knot, there are the Celtic spiral, the Celtic serpent, and square and round knots.

One of the most famous love knots is the SerchBythol, which features two knots with three corners. Three-cornered knots, known as triskeles, represent the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of oneself. They’re a symbol of eternal love in that they represent the union of two souls that are bound together physically, mentally, and spiritually. It’s a popular material for jewelry and tattoos alike.

According to some accounts, in Muhammad’s prophethood, people would use rope knots and incantations to curse or bewitch potential lovers.

The Three-Leafed Clover

As the Shamrock, this plant was revered by the Irish people in ancient times. Ireland’s national symbol is the three-leaf white clover. There is an anecdote that Saint Patrick used the three-leafed clover to explain the holy trinity in Christianity to the Irish through its symbolism. In some countries, the three-leafed clover is worn on the wedding day to ward off evil spirits and bring happiness to the new couple.

As the home of mollusks, pearls, and other treasures, shells have long been a symbol of love and protection in many cultures, including the ancient Romans, Hindus, and the Native Americans. For example, the Roman Goddess of love and fertility Venus is often depicted in a scallop shell. Venus was supposedly created from sea foam.

In the early 15th century, Sandro Botticelli painted the most famous depiction of this divine birth. Likewise, a conch shell is said to have been a symbol of love in Hinduism, while the ancient Romans used the shell as a symbol of regeneration.


Symbolic love in many myths and stories, the apple has been around for a long time. It also has a variety of meanings. When Adam ate the forbidden apple at Eve’s request, as depicted in the Bible, it was because she wanted him to. A symbol of temptation is the apple in this tradition. Love has been equated with an apple by artists because of the frequent depiction of the Roman goddess Venus in her hands.

When it comes to keeping the gods young and healthy, they’re all about the golden apples.

As a symbol of adoration in Chinese culture, the blossom of an apple symbolizes the blossoming of love in Celtic mythology, which is depicted in the story of Cole.

Newlyweds traditionally shared apples in the seventh century BCE to symbolize their hopes for a long and happy marriage.


Venus, the Roman goddess of love, gave birth to the god of love, Cupid. When depicted as a winged, blindfolded child with a bow, some believe that love blinds you to the flaws in those you love.

Family & Love Sterling Silver Charms

Xinar has the best collection of family charms and love charms in 925 sterling silver. Our silver charms are exquisitely detailed and are suitable for every jewelry and crafting project.

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Family & Love Sterling Silver Charms

Xinar has the best collection of family charms and love charms in 925 sterling silver. Our silver charms are exquisitely detailed and are suitable for every jewelry and crafting project.

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