Corrugated, Faceted & Barrel Solid Copper Beads


Corrugated, Faceted, & Barrel Genuine Copper Beads

Unleash beauty and artistry with Xinar's genuine copper beads. Please choose from our unique selection of faceted, corrugated, and barrel copper beads. Xinar's copper beads are proudly made in the US and are manufactured to the highest standards, ensuring the best appearance with resistance to tarnishing.

We have been selling quality jewelry-making supplies on the internet since the 1990s, and we are committed, more than ever, to bringing our lovely customers our best price guarantee (no tricks!) while exceeding your expectations on quality and beauty. So if you are tired of misrepresented metals on the market, we are, too.

Crafters and jewelry makers deserve so much more, so what you see on the page is what you get. If you need genuine copper beads, you will receive natural copper beads in the mail. We process all orders on the day they're confirmed, and you can expect all your bead batches to arrive soon. If you love Xinar, please show us more love by pressing Ctrl + D or Command + D on Macs to bookmark our site!

Working with Genuine Copper Beads

Faceted beads have several flattened edges that give them the appearance of a cut gemstone. Faceted beads can be made of any material, but faceted copper beads are charming for jewelry-making and other crafts. The term ‘faceted’ refers to a bead with multiple flattened edges, as though the corners had been removed.

However, depending on the bead, faceting can assume many different forms. For example, it could indicate that the bead was originally rectangular or square but that the corners were chopped off to create a faceted but still square bead. It can also be a spherical, round, flattened bead with perforations to create a faceted bi-cone-like shape. Others may be circular beads with various portions flattened or sliced in diamond-shaped patterns to resemble cut jewels.

Corrugated beads are among the classics, right next to smooth round beads. Xinar’s corrugated beads come in many forms, including the elongated copper barrel bead design that features longer grooved lines that play with light beautifully.

Barrel-shaped beads will undoubtedly steal the limelight, and if you have not worked with more elongated beads, today might be a good day to start. By varying the beads on your necklaces and bracelet edits, you might be able to come up with new designs with equally new takes on texture, light, shadow, and color. But, of course, anything is possible on the workbench if you have a growing collection of beads.

Xinar’s Genuine Copper Guarantee

Xinar’s beautiful copper beads are made from the highest quality US copper available using cold-press technology. This unique technique helps maintain the best-looking copper surface and maintain the quality of our faceted, corrugated, barrel-designed beads. We know that you are looking for the best-looking copper beads for your projects, so we are offering you beads that are more resistant to tarnishing so they hold up well in their brand-new appearance and once the natural patina begins to set in. In addition, copper is excellent for creating jewelry with a vintage appeal, so if you want that for your upcoming collection, you know which jewelry-making supplies store has an entire inventory of genuine copper beads.

Corrugated Beads, Faceted Beads, and Barrel Beads

Facet Beads, Corrugated Beads and Barrel Beads made from pure copper.

Corrugated Beads, Faceted Beads, and Barrel Beads

Facet Beads, Corrugated Beads and Barrel Beads made from pure copper.