Donut & Oval Gold-Filled Beads


Donut & Oval Gold-Filled Beads

Shop genuine, gold-filled donut and oval beads at bargain prices only at Xinar has been happily serving crafters and jewelry makers for several decades now, as we began our journey in jewelry-making supplies (including gold-filled beads and findings) in the late nineties. We have always been supportive of the creative vision of our customers, which is why we would never misrepresent our items. Explore Xinar’s extensive collection of jewelry, beads, and findings. If you love us, hit Ctrl + D to bookmark our site today.

Donut & Oval Beads

Add texture and diversity to your designs with our gold-filled donut and oval beads. Donut beads are easy to work with, and they can also be easily used in complex and straightforward necklace designs. For example, if you primarily craft bracelets, you can accent larger beads on the string.

Stringing them is also easy. Working with metal beads is rewarding and expands your creative freedom as you work with beautiful, lustrous metal that will instantly hit family, friends, or customers. Bails can be used for larger beads, and they’re easy to use as well. Place the donut bead on top of the bail and secure the bead before stringing both.

Attach the wire to the bail, and you’re all set. Donut beads are popular with crafters who have a minimalist aesthetic because of their profound yet straightforward design. In addition, there’s something about how light strikes the dimensions of donut beads that makes them an enriching addition to your workbench supplies. A crafter’s bead collection undoubtedly reflects their experience and aesthetic, and gold-filled beads are certainly worth the investment.

If you are only getting started with beadwork, we recommend that you always plan the design ahead of time, so you have a good working idea of what the bracelet or necklace will look like. Drafting the design also allows you to select the correct type of beads, depending on the overall artistic vision.

Xinar’s Commitment to Quality

Xinar is committed to giving our customers only the best, genuine beads and findings. Part of that commitment is never mispresent our products, so you will get precisely what you pay for.

Some stores misuse gold-related terms to encourage customers to buy, even if the descriptions don’t match the products. Unfortunately, this can cause quality issues which will eventually affect the performance and longevity of the chosen beads and findings. Having been in the industry for years, we know some of the shady marketing tactics that some stores use to increase their sales.

Gold-filled isn’t something you can describe, and poof. It becomes a reality. Gold-filling is a complex process that requires plenty of technical skill. Xinar’s manufacturer uses an advanced, gold-filling method that permanently bonds the gold layer to the brass core at the atomic level.

This means that our donut & oval beads will be much more durable than ordinary gold-filled items and will truly last a lifetime. This is a significant advantage of buying from jewelry-making supplies that are upfront and honest about their products. 

Donut Beads and Oval Beads

Donut Beads and Oval Beads