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Crimp Tube & Crimp Covers Genuine Copper Beads

Welcome to Xinar, where you can shop for genuine copper crimp tubes and crimp bead covers at bargain prices year-round. We are one of the internet’s most reliable jewelry-making supplies. We started selling online in the 1990s; we have grown our inventory to include numerous categories of beads and findings, from sterling silver to genuine copper.

Whether you are starting or a veteran jewelry-maker, our best price guarantee ensures that you will get the best deal whenever you decide to order, and whatever the size of your batch may be. Order as low as 20 beads per batch or go up to 500 – we’re here to respond to your workbench’s needs.

Working with Genuine Copper Crimp Tube & Crimp Bead Covers

Crimp tubes are tiny titans in the realm of jewelry creation. They’re made of metal and are capable of binding materials and beads together. They’re THE find for keeping your stringing crafts together; they’re the “glue” that holds a design together (without the use of glue), and they can even add flash to a design. And crimps had gone a long way from the days when you had to “crush flat” a little circular piece of metal to fasten stiff beading wire.

Crimp tubes, also known as crimp beads, are lengths of tubing (usually seamless) designed to be used to complete the design. The end of the beading wire is threaded through a crimp, then through a loop on your clasp or another finding, such as a soldered jump ring, before returning to the crimp and being drawn taut. The bead is then crimped to secure it with crimping pliers.

These pliers were explicitly created for use with crimp beads, and they use a two-step method to ensure a fast-finishing to your design. First, the crimp is crushed in the back portion of the crimping pliers, forming a crescent moon shape and compressing the crimp over and between the wires trapped inside; then, in the second stage, the crimp is then rounded until the crescent-shaped tube becomes a ‘bead.’

Design Pointers

  •         Multiple beading wire strands are first collected and then secured in one crimp in some patterns. To do this, select the crimp tube that best supports the beading wire diameter multiplied by the number of strands.
  •         Some designs ask for a single strand of beading wire to be crimped. In such cases, choose a crimp with a smaller OD and ID to prevent it from slipping and moving. This design’s crimps were crushed with chain-nose pliers and are meant to be flat and not rounded. This method helps secure your beads while also highlighting the crimp.
  •         Choose crimp covers that work best for your design if you want to hide crimped beads. Crimp covers need to be larger than the beads that you want to conceal.

Xinar’s Quality Copper Guarantee

Xinar always delivers on its promises, including 100% factuality on the quality and make of our beads and findings. Xinar copper beads are cold-pressed beads that are more resistant to corrosion and tarnishing. If you want genuine copper beads that will maintain their original appearance longer, shop from our inventory of copper beads, and you’ll be able to create perfect copper jewelry in no time. Wow, your friends, family, or customers with beautiful copper bead bracelets and craft vintage items easily with our copper beads, too.

Crimp Tube Beads and Crimp Bead Covers

Solid Copper Crimp Tube Beads and Crimp Covers choice of Size and Quantity.

Crimp Tube Beads and Crimp Bead Covers

Solid Copper Crimp Tube Beads and Crimp Covers choice of Size and Quantity.