Corrugated & Faceted Spacer Gold-Filled Beads


Corrugated & Faceted Spacer Gold-Filled Beads

Xinar is delighted to present you with our collection of gold-filled corrugated round and faceted spacer beads. Get all your gold-filled beads and findings at bargain prices here at Our gold-filled beads and findings are guaranteed to be authentic, created by one of the best goldsmith companies in the US. Domestically sourced, our gold beads will stand the test of time and will always be more durable, lustrous, and better for your crafts and designs than beads from other places. That’s because Xinar has been working hard for more than two decades to bring the highest quality jewelry-making supplies to artists, jewelry makers, and designers.

Working with Corrugated Round and Faceted Beads

Is this your first time shopping for beads? If so, then the term “spacer bead” might be confusing. Spacer beads are usually smaller beads that beaders use primarily to accent larger beads. So don’t be surprised that spacer beads are somewhat smaller than what you typically see on necklaces and bracelets. They’re supposed to be smaller. But make no mistake – accent beads or spacer beads are no less beautiful than their larger counterparts.

Additionally, spacing makes it possible for a beautiful design to come to life. Many complex designs require not only space but texturing, and corrugated round beads, for one, can add shadows to a bracelet edit. Since gold is lustrous, the interplay of shadowy areas in gold-filled, corrugated round beads can positively affect a design. You never honestly know how good gold-filled beads are until you finally string them.

On the other hand, faceted beads are characterized by the presence of a multitude of flattened edges. Faceting is done on a variety of materials, including precious and semiprecious gemstones. This type of processing improves the play of light on the gold-filled beads’ surface and allows the beadwork to stand out even more.

Xinar’s Golden Guarantee

It can be to find quality jewelry-making supplies on the internet. We have been selling gold-filled beads and other beads and findings online since the 1990s, and during this time, we saw how the marketing of these supplies degraded until some stores were directly misrepresenting their goods. By misrepresenting, we mean that some stores tell their customers that they offer gold-filled items, but the things are just gold-washed or electroplated.

According to the FTC, for an item to be genuinely gold-filled, there has to be a mechanical bonding process that attaches the gold layer to the base metal. For example, in the case of gold-filled beads and findings, jeweler’s brass is used by our manufacturer as a base, and a thicker layer of pure gold is placed on top of the beads.

Genuine, gold-filled beads and findings have a core of jeweler’s brass and gold that accounts for up to five percent of the total weight. This is critical in understanding the difference between gold-filled and gold-plated because the gold content of gold-plated beads is only microns thick.

Corrugated Spacer Beads and Faceted Spacer Beads

Corrugated Spacer Beads and Faceted Spacer Beads