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Christmas & Thanksgiving Charms

Get unique and joyful Christmas charms in flatback and three-dimensional casting today.

Where to Buy Charms for Jewelry Making?

If you have been looking around for an ideal charms website for Christmas charms and Thanksgiving charms, you’ve landed in your new jewelry home on the web.

Xinar has been offering the most extensive collection of charms and findings since the nineties. Xinar also happens to be one of the best places for unique charms for every occasion.

If you’re not very familiar with sterling silver charms and are wary of buying online:

    1.   Inspect the prices – Xinar offers the best price in the market upfront, so you won’t have to worry that your unique charms for bracelets are somehow overpriced.

They’re not – we offer fair prices with no trickery or gimmicks like free shipping, where the store adds to the cost of things to cover the shipping price.

If you find silver prices that are too low, be sure to buy them in bulk for recycling because you’ve just found a treasure trove. Reasonable prices for sterling silver charms for bracelet mean you’re buying the real thing and not fake silver.

    1. Check the silver grade – Xinar’s charms are sterling silver 925 and made in the USA. Our charms are made using the lost wax casting method by a major silver caster in the country. As a result, you’re getting the best craftsmanship every time you select a Xinar holiday charm.

Xinar carries a remarkable collection of Thanksgiving charms, Christmas charms, and other holiday charms. If you are picky with your sterling silver charms because they can make or break your design, we know how that feels.

We provide only the best charms with the right degree of detailing that will bring a smile to the lips of jewelers and crafters everywhere. Whether you are doing this as a hobby or as a source of income, Xinar’s sterling silver charms will help you reach the level of artistry that you’ve always wanted.

Complete your Christmas jewelry with the right holiday charms, all lead-free and nickel-free.

Christmas Charms

Christmas is the season for loving and giving, and nothing quite captures this glorious season than Xinar’s excellent inventory of Christmas-themed sterling silver charms. We ensured that you have everything you might need to craft the most memorable and beautiful holiday bracelets and craft pieces. Below are some of our favorite charms.

Enameled 3-D Christmas lights charms – The festive holiday season won’t be complete without beautiful, sparkling lights. Bring the joy and memory of Christmas Past and Christmas Future with Xinar’s 3-D Christmas lights.

Choose from different color combinations: red and blue, green and yellow, blue and yellow, or blue and green. These standout 3-D charms will bring any design to life and allow you to accent the piece with something with full color and in 3-D, at that.

Christmas tree charms – Xinar offers several options for crafters who need a Christmas tree charm. If you need a splash of color, pick the enameled Christmas tree charm, which comes in deep pine green and is adorned with perfect silver balls.

If you need something more classic and taller, the 20mm Christmas tree charm would be a fitting choice. This charm features gifts at the base of the charm. And for those who can’t get enough of our 3-D charms, we also have a 3-D Christmas tree with the cutest silver star on top.

Santa Claus charms – Xinar offers several renditions of our favorite St. Nick. For that rush of red, there’s the 3-D, enameled Santa Claus charm. You can also pick St. Nick riding a 3-D sleigh or Santa Claus getting down a chimney. A cute complement to Santa would be a hardworking elf (who also sort of looks like Santa), carrying a tall tower of gifts just in time for Christmas Eve.

Nativity scene charms – The nativity image is as universal as Christmas stockings, and those who wish to include this beautiful, traditional image of the nativity will have no trouble integrating Xinar’s 3-D nativity scene charms. We currently offer one nativity scene with a prominent star figure, while the second charm features a more classic rendition of the nativity with the Three Kings.

 Xinar's themed charms are perfect for any design, including barnyard jewelry and Thanksgiving jewelry

Thanksgiving Charms

Xinar celebrates each special occasion and holiday equally, so expect the same level of detail and beauty in our unique Thanksgiving charms. Our pink and blue Easter egg charms have the most refined designs, and they will make your design stand out.

We also have Easter basket and Easter bunny charms. So make your Easter special and make your designs instant classics by getting Xinar Thanksgiving charms. Our enameled Thanksgiving charms add a splash of color to jewelry and craftwork – turning beautiful projects into timeless and unforgettable pieces worth keeping for generations.


Holiday-Themed Charms Make the Best Crafted Pieces

Sterling silver holiday charms act as the centerpiece of every design. Of course, they’re not the entire design, but they give the viewer a focal point to appreciate the rest of your fine work.

This is why it’s essential to be selective of your charms. Carefully match your charm picks with the overall design. Xinar’s incredible array of sterling silver charms ensure that each crafter gets what they need. If you are running low on other essential supplies like beads, navigate to that part of our site and order what you need.

Xinar always guarantees the best price in the market, and headache-free online shopping, especially now.


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