Celestial Charms


Celestial Charms

Bring the most magical and beautiful celestial charms for bracelets, necklaces, and other jewelry to your workbench with Xinar’s 925 sterling silver celestial charms! A celestial necklace is a perfect gift to family, friends, and coworkers.

Everyone understands the significance of the cosmos and heavenly bodies, and Xinar’s unique designs will surely enthrall and impress those receiving your crafts. Whether you’re a seasoned jewelry designer or DIY crafter who has just begun last week, it doesn’t matter – Xinar has been selling high-quality jewelry-making supplies for over twenty years, and we indeed support the artistic vision of all creators – let your creativity shine with Xinar!

What Are the Powers of the Planets?

Take a look at the night sky high above you. What are you seeing?

As far back as history can remember, people from all corners of the globe have been enthralled by the wonders of the night sky. So, likewise, we are awestruck by the grandeur of the night sky.

It’s humbling for me to realize that you can see the same sky no matter where you are on the planet. Considering how many people have gazed up at the same sky throughout history is truly breathtaking.

Humans have always been fascinated by the movement of celestial bodies. However, astrologers sometimes factor in asteroids and fixed stars when it comes to creating a personality map and horoscope!

Planets are linked to various facets of who we are and what we do.

In ancient times, humans observed patterns in the stars and noticed that they recurred. They examined them and discovered that certain planetary motions had consequences for Earth. However, the planets and luminaries were also linked to different aspects of one’s personality.

In making astrology into an art form, we have come to understand that the planets predict a person’s characteristics and astrological compatibility and provide insight into the course of their lives at any given moment.

Planets and other objects in the galaxy can be seen as characters in our lives, and the zodiac signs they inhabit are like costumes and props for the show we’re playing. Likewise, the houses they live in are like the plays, scenes, and stages they appear in. In the end, we use the planets as metaphors to help us make sense of our own lives.

What do the planets and celestial bodies influence in our lives?

The Sun

        Individuality, self-expression, leadership, self-assurance, inventiveness, and masculinity are all associated with the Sun.

        A person’s ego, as well as their essential vitality and character

        The level of global vigor and unity of purpose


The Moon

        Habits, instinctual drives, behavior patterns, femininity, memories, and domesticity.

        Your soul and inner world

        The general mood of humans.



        The exchange of information, the sale of business ideas, education, and legalities

        The way you think and the way you express yourself

        The economy, the media, and the collective’s mental patterns



        A passion for all things romantic, a desire to make money, a desire to cultivate relationships, a fondness for the arts, and a

        Your style and love language

        Venus causes a romantic fervor to permeate the group, as does a strong sense of unity.



        Mars also influences your sex drive and determination.

        The intensity and concentration of the group’s efforts



        Good fortune; hope; optimism; hopefulness; vision; growth; wisdom; human influence

        Jupiter causes growth and optimism in groups.



        Tradition, lessons learned from life’s experiences, and a sense of duty are all part of the package when it comes to karma.

        You must take responsibility and learn valuable life lessons under Saturn’s influence.

        The interconnectedness of the world’s collective karma, institutions, and governing bodies are influenced by Saturn.



        Humanism, ingenuity, and the capacity for the invention are all associated with Uranus’s rebellious spirit and progressive ideas

        Uranus can determine how you display your eccentricity as a matter of style.

        The growth that is forward-looking and focused on the future, as well as the Internet, technology, and science



        Escapism, mysticism, fantasy, and the arts fall under the umbrella term “spirituality.”

        Neptune has a hand in the world of faith, scandal, illusion, and art



        It is associated with evolution, dominion, power, death, destruction, and regeneration. The cold planet also influences the human subconscious.

        It can affect what happens when you die and are reborn.

        Pluto is linked to the actions of the world’s financial institutions, cultural institutions, and major powers. 

Celestial Charms

Celestial Charms