Handmade Jewelry: Types and History

handmade jewelry

Suppose you’re thinking of starting a business creating or selling handmade jewelry. In that case, you must understand the field, what handmade jewelry pieces exist, and the different motivations behind them. We will also cover some of the historical precedents of handmade jewelry to give you a better idea of its artistic direction. Jewelers worldwide…

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Jewelry Styling Tips: How to Match Jewelry with Your Outfit

jewelry styling tips

Jewelry styling tips can give life to the finishing touches that give any look its own identity and make it look well-put-together. However, when it comes to regular attire, jewelry is an element that needs special attention. There are excellent ways to accessorize, but some methods don’t work well. Many people, both sexes, have a…

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Animal Charms for Jewelry Making

animal charms for jewelry making

Xinar has dozens of collections of animal charms for jewelry making, and creatives shop here all the time for their sterling silver charms, as well as metal beads and findings. But what truly makes animal charms so interesting for working in jewelry making? People use pet charms, wild animal charms, and all sorts of designs…

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Principles of Jewelry Design: A Xinar Guide

principles of jewelry design

Jewelry-making is enhanced when you adhere to principles of jewelry design. Today’s guide provides an in-depth explanation of the principles of visual harmony, including balance, emphasis, movement, proportion, contrast, pattern, and unity. It’s vital to remember that these guidelines don’t operate independently; instead, they overlap and complement one another to provide the jewelry designer with…

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Jewelry Making Charms and Pendants: A World of Possibilities

jewelry making charms and pendants

Handmade jewelry made with jewelry-making charms and pendants truly offers creative possibilities for the hobbyist or crafter. So whether you’re a beader entering the world of handmade jewelry or an enterprising creative who wants to know more about the culture and viability of handmade jewelry, you’ve come to the right place. Jewelry making charms and…

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Beautiful Birthday Charms for Bracelets

birthday charms for bracelets

Making handmade jewelry with high-quality birthday charms for bracelets is a great way to start any collection for personal use or your handcrafted jewelry business. But, of course, choosing the correct design elements is crucial to success. Luckily, Xinar’s extensive collection of 925 sterling silver charms is home to one of the best-looking birthday charms…

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Leadership Symbols: Signs of Power and Authority

leadership symbols

Leadership symbols are all around us. Leadership symbols exude leadership and power, prestige, and getting ahead in one’s life. A leadership symbol can be integrated into art, marketing collaterals, and even handmade jewelry. Wherever a leadership symbol is placed, it works quickly to establish that the company or person behind the leadership symbol is worth…

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Types of Jewelry Materials: The Ultimate Guide

types of jewelry materials

Archeologists estimate that the first jewelry was worn in what is now Iran around the year 6,000. Simple stone amulets shaped like stars and flowers were commonly used as jewelry. It’s possible that some of them had deep religious significance. Since then, jewelry has been crafted from all sorts of materials. So it’s only reasonable…

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