How to Photograph Jewelry for Etsy

how to photograph jewelry for Etsy

DIY crafters who have crossed over to selling their handcrafted jewelry naturally want to know how to photograph jewelry for Etsy and other great platforms where anyone can sell crafty products. The three most important aspects of jewelry photography are exposure, lighting, and sharpness. These three factors determine the overall quality of shots, and mastering…

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How Do You Craft Old Jewelry?

how do you craft old jewelry

People ask, “how do you craft old jewelry?” when they find themselves holding on to timeless pieces from the yesteryears that may already be broken or in less-than-perfect states. Some crafty people also like reworking and redesigning materials derived from old jewelry pieces. This is a common practice, and reusing these materials can take the…

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What Are Some Hobbies You Can Try This Year?

what are some hobbies

What are some hobbies that are just perfect for someone who hasn’t engaged in creative or passionate work for a long time? And since our core selves are often inextricably linked to the interests we choose to pursue when we’re not working, sleeping, or spending time with loved ones, hobbies are a great way to…

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What is Talisman Jewelry?

talisman jewelry

The idea of wearing talisman jewelry is alive and well, thanks to the age-old belief in realms beyond our own. Talisman jewelry is trendy for people who want to ward off misfortune and other kinds of evil. Amulets, on the other hand, are worn to attract good things. One wards off, while the other magnetize…

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Jewelry Advertising Techniques: Making Publicity and Marketing Easier

jewelry advertising

How can anyone get their unique DIY jewelry into the hands of the people who would appreciate them? Jewelry advertising! Jewelry advertising is about spreading the word that you’re here and making fantastic stuff. Jewelry advertising encompasses any efforts made to raise brand awareness. In addition to traditional marketing methods like business cards, websites, free…

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Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him: A Definitive Guide

valentine's day gifts for him

Are you looking for unique Valentine’s Day gifts for him? Valentine’s Day gifts for him don’t necessarily have to be pricey or super hard to find, but they have to either mean something or be helpful to the guy receiving them. Men and women are built somewhat differently when giving and receiving gifts. If you’re…

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What Are Spiritual Growth Symbols?

spiritual growth symbols

Spiritual growth symbols represent the ascending movement of a person as they realize their potential not just in the physical plane but also spiritually. People find their spirituality in different ways, and there are many paths toward enlightenment. Spiritual growth symbols are a testament to the fact that there’s more than one way to attain…

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How To Start a Jewelry Business Online?

start a jewelry business online

You have a fantastic eye for design and can make stunning jewelry. Now you want to put your artistic instinct to work in the jewelry industry so you may turn your hobby into a lucrative business. Today, we’ll outline the essential steps to start a jewelry business online. If you’re already crafting your handmade jewelry,…

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How to Start a Jewelry Business Online

how to start a jewelry business online

Have you been thinking of how to start a jewelry business online? Online jewelry sales can be lucrative, but the industry is highly competitive. More minor, up-and-coming jewelry companies have a tough time competing with established significant brands due to the latter’s larger advertising budgets, more significant social media followings, and more robust brand recognition.…

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