How to Photograph Jewelry for Etsy

how to photograph jewelry for Etsy

DIY crafters who have crossed over to selling their handcrafted jewelry naturally want to know how to photograph jewelry for Etsy and other great platforms where anyone can sell crafty products. The three most important aspects of jewelry photography are exposure, lighting, and sharpness. These three factors determine the overall quality of shots, and mastering…

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How Do You Craft Old Jewelry?

how do you craft old jewelry

People ask, “how do you craft old jewelry?” when they find themselves holding on to timeless pieces from the yesteryears that may already be broken or in less-than-perfect states. Some crafty people also like reworking and redesigning materials derived from old jewelry pieces. This is a common practice, and reusing these materials can take the…

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Types of Charms for Jewelry Making

charms for jewelry making

Charms for jewelry making run the gamut from exquisite 925 sterling silver charms to pendants made of gemstones, wood, or even animal bone. From a technical perspective, charms and pendants are jewelry components worn loosely around the wrist or neck. All charms for jewelry making are derived from one of the oldest human practices of…

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How to Make Sports Jewelry Easily with Sports Pendants

sports jewelry

Sports jewelry makes game day and just about any day more exciting and fab, thanks to high-quality 925 sterling silver charms from Xinar. In addition, Xinar offers the highest quality semi-precious beads and findings, all locally made in the USA. Support local and craft only team sports jewelry today. Sports and outdoor charms are timeless…

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Sports Charms: Making Sports Jewelry Perfect

sports charms

Sports charms, especially team sports charms, are lovely and can be worn with any look. So whether the wearer is aiming for a full-on baseball-themed look or like the accent effect of sports jewelry, sports charms are there to deliver.  Luckily, sterling silver sports charms are designed to last forever, and with so many choices,…

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Journey Into the Wonderful World of Gold-Filled Beads and Findings

gold-filled beads and findings

Gold-filled beads and findings, available in a dizzying array of varieties, give homemade jewelry an air of luxury. Find exactly what you need among the many gold-filled beads and findings options. Just imagine all the aesthetic benefits of real gold but at a fraction of the cost. Gold will not wear off because it is…

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Create Your Jewelry with Unique, Themed Silver Charms

Do you want to create your jewelry? DIY jewelry-making is not only easier nowadays, but it’s also potentially profitable if you’re thinking of marketing your handmade jewelry on platforms like Etsy or even your website. You can create your jewelry lines with unique themes by using silver charms. Silver charms come with endless variety, and…

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Jewelry-Making with Symbols that Represent Magic

symbols that represent magic

Symbols that represent magic are pervasive in culture, art, and, yes, jewelry-making. So if you are interested in creating jewelry with holiday charms, spiritual charms, Wiccan and Celtic symbols, love and peace symbols, animal symbols, and more, we’ve created a series of guides to instruct you on what sterling silver charms to use, and what…

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Integrating Jewelry Symbols into Your Work

jewelry symbols

Jewelry symbols are just as important as the beads and findings we put in our DIY jewelry creations. So whether you are just starting with creating jewelry or are looking for new inspirations, there’s always something to discover from Xinar’s extensive collection of sterling silver charms. Our silver charms stand the test of time and…

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Jewelry Making Knots & How They Work

When crafting with beads, it is always helpful to be familiar with the basic jewelry making knots that complete different pieces, hold them together, and make them seem friendly and tidy. However, jewelry is all about aesthetics, neatness, balance, and completeness, so it will always boil down to technique. Some knots comprise most of your…

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