Vintage Jewelry for Sale: Tips for Buying Vintage Jewelry

vintage jewelry for sale

Are you looking for vintage jewelry for sale? The internet offers an incredible opportunity for people looking for vintage jewelry for sale. The vintage aesthetic has enjoyed an incredible revival in the past three years, and let’s face it: it is timeless. Xinar has its collection vintage (the eighties and nineties pieces) in its Far…

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Handmade Jewelry: Types and History

handmade jewelry

Suppose you’re thinking of starting a business creating or selling handmade jewelry. In that case, you must understand the field, what handmade jewelry pieces exist, and the different motivations behind them. We will also cover some of the historical precedents of handmade jewelry to give you a better idea of its artistic direction. Jewelers worldwide…

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Types of Jewelry Materials: The Ultimate Guide

types of jewelry materials

Archeologists estimate that the first jewelry was worn in what is now Iran around the year 6,000. Simple stone amulets shaped like stars and flowers were commonly used as jewelry. It’s possible that some of them had deep religious significance. Since then, jewelry has been crafted from all sorts of materials. So it’s only reasonable…

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Awesome Beads for Jewelry Making: A Xinar Guide

beads for jewelry making

Unique beads for jewelry making form the foundation of great beaded craft and beaded jewelry. If you’re set on starting your own handcrafted jewelry business soon, and you already have an idea as to what types of collections you want to put out on your Shopify website or platforms like Etsy, then it’s high time…

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Using Symbols of Life in Jewelry Design

symbols of life

Jewelry design becomes much more enjoyable with themes. Symbols of life are but one of the innumerable theme brackets for effective crafting. Making meaningful handmade jewelry is always a creative challenge, considering the number of ideas made into finished jewelry over the past years. Yet this has always been the challenge to creative pursuits—how can…

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Protection Symbols List: Create Protection Jewelry At Home

protection symbols list

The jewelry design of protective jewelry is more accessible when you have a protection symbol list. A protection symbols list will help you select the correct pendants/charms for each project while providing sufficient context to each symbol. Create the most beautiful symbolic jewelry with Xinar’s 925 sterling silver charms and semiprecious beads and findings. Protection…

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Bird Charms in Jewelry Making: Memorable and Unique Symbols

bird charms in jewelry making

Bird charms, like bird charms for bracelets and necklaces, occupy a unique space in jewelry design because of their timeless value. The symbolism may not always be apparent, but humans have always had a fascination for the freedom of the sky and the gravity-defying skills of our avian friends. Xinar features an incredible array of…

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Strength Jewelry: Creation and Inspiration

strength jewelry

In the most trying times, wearing strength jewelry, healing jewelry, and protection jewelry is one of the best ways to channel positive energy (of course, while looking good!) You can easily craft strength jewelry at home with Xinar’s extensive collections of 925 sterling silver charms. Our sterling silver charms are nickel-free and lead-free and are…

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