Sterling Silver Christian Jewelry: History and Significance

sterling silver Christian jewelry

Gems and jewelry, including sterling silver Christian jewelry, have played crucial roles in many periods of human development. In some cultures, it has served as a form of currency and has been used as a religious symbol. Modern pieces, like the Cross of the First Family, continue to be part of the modern image of…

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Ancient Symbols of Protection: What Are They and How Do They Work?

ancient symbols of protection

The mysterious and ancient symbols of protection found in witchcraft, art, jewelry, and spell books, which date back over 600 years, continue to have a strong resonance in the 21st century, as evidenced by the popularity of emoji spells and platforms like WitchTok. With Xinar, you too, can partake of the ancient symbols of protection…

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Magic Symbols and Meanings: A Modern Guide

Magic symbols and meanings are clues to how the invisible worlds work. Natural energies can be harnessed through magic, which results in positive change. It’s all connected by energy, and altering it can ignite awe-inspiring outcomes. Spells aren’t the only thing that makes use of magic symbols. They can both diminish and generate negative energy.…

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The Beginner’s Guide to Copper Beads for Jewelry Making

Copper beads for jewelry making are underrated because they aren’t gold or platinum. Some say that copper is the ‘poor cousin’ of more expensive metals. But, we’re here today to show you that copper beads for jewelry making, including copper spacer beads, copper beads and findings, bi-cone, donut, and disc copper beads, and well as…

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Here’s How French Hook Ear Wires Work

Although dangly earrings are popular, there are various earring back types to consider before making a purchase. French wires and lever backs are the two most frequent dangly earring back options. But which is the best option for you? Dangle earrings with a bent hook that runs through your ear are French wire earrings, also…

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