Handmade Jewelry: Types and History

handmade jewelry

Suppose you’re thinking of starting a business creating or selling handmade jewelry. In that case, you must understand the field, what handmade jewelry pieces exist, and the different motivations behind them. We will also cover some of the historical precedents of handmade jewelry to give you a better idea of its artistic direction. Jewelers worldwide…

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Cold Connections in Jewelry: What Are They and How Do They Work?

cold connections in jewelry

The term “cold connection” refers to any joint between two pieces of metal, plastic, or other material that does not require using a torch to apply heat or solder. Many different approaches can be taken to manufacture them with the same result. The raw beauty of a cold connection can be exploited in many contexts.…

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How to Make Sports Jewelry Easily with Sports Pendants

sports jewelry

Sports jewelry makes game day and just about any day more exciting and fab, thanks to high-quality 925 sterling silver charms from Xinar. In addition, Xinar offers the highest quality semi-precious beads and findings, all locally made in the USA. Support local and craft only team sports jewelry today. Sports and outdoor charms are timeless…

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Sports Charms: Making Sports Jewelry Perfect

sports charms

Sports charms, especially team sports charms, are lovely and can be worn with any look. So whether the wearer is aiming for a full-on baseball-themed look or like the accent effect of sports jewelry, sports charms are there to deliver.  Luckily, sterling silver sports charms are designed to last forever, and with so many choices,…

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Journey Into the Wonderful World of Gold-Filled Beads and Findings

gold-filled beads and findings

Gold-filled beads and findings, available in a dizzying array of varieties, give homemade jewelry an air of luxury. Find exactly what you need among the many gold-filled beads and findings options. Just imagine all the aesthetic benefits of real gold but at a fraction of the cost. Gold will not wear off because it is…

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DIY Bracelets for Guys: Reimagining Modern Manliness

DIY bracelets for guys

Even in 2022, males still hesitate to wear items like DIY bracelets for guys. Bracelets for men can be just as expressive as any other accessories a man can wear, and DIY bracelets for guys are no different. DIY bracelets for guys are a blank slate like any other crafting project. You can be as…

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Jewelry Pendants: History, Design, and Inspirations

jewelry pendants

Anyone inclined to craft DIY jewelry often thinks of jewelry pendants first. Jewelry pendants come in the broadest themes, sizes, makes, and designs. The most reliable and classic jewelry pendants are 925 sterling silver charms, gems, images, and other items. Xinar has spent over two decades making sure that crafters from all walks of life…

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Sterling Silver Christian Jewelry: History and Significance

sterling silver Christian jewelry

Gems and jewelry, including sterling silver Christian jewelry, have played crucial roles in many periods of human development. In some cultures, it has served as a form of currency and has been used as a religious symbol. Modern pieces, like the Cross of the First Family, continue to be part of the modern image of…

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Ancient Symbols of Protection: What Are They and How Do They Work?

Good luck charms - the Hamsa

The mysterious and ancient symbols of protection found in witchcraft, art, jewelry, and spell books, which date back over 600 years, continue to have a strong resonance in the 21st century, as evidenced by the popularity of emoji spells and platforms like WitchTok. With Xinar, you too, can partake of the ancient symbols of protection…

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