Bi-cone, Donut & Hogan Sterling Silver Beads


Bi-cone, Donut & Hogan Sterling Silver Beads

Get superior silver bi-cone, donut, and Hogan beads at at bargain prices. We provide the Best Price Guarantee for every bead and finding on the site upfront. If you’re looking for silver beads wholesale, you’ve found the lowest price for USA sterling silver beads. Our beads are periodically fire-assayed to ensure the highest quality, and we promise you will get a consistent color and make with every batch of beads that you order.

Our manufacturer is one of the largest in the country, and our jewelry-making supplies are all sourced domestically. has been serving crafters and jewelry makers since the 1990s, and we’re glad you found us today. Explore our extensive inventory of precious metal beads, findings, and jewelry. We also have sterling silver charms and pendants for every occasion.

Xinar’s silver beads are nickel-free and are very hypoallergenic. Our manufacturer follows US regulations on the smithing of sterling silver – it must only be alloyed with copper, and never nickel. 

Get Started with Beading

Beading is one of the most enjoyable entry points to crafting jewelry. Beads have been around for more than three thousand years, and every bead holds a particular charm and history that’s so easy to work into jewelry designs. Before buying sterling silver beads, be sure to think of your plan first.

If you want, you can draw the design on a piece of paper to know what it would look like. Next, visualize what you think will be the final output and then count how many silver beads you might need, as well as the types of silver beads required.

Remember that bi-cone beads and Hogan beads are mainly spacer beads, but any bead can be used as a spacer bead, too. It all depends on the chosen design.

Beading is practical and budget-friendly, too, because you determine what materials go into the design. If you are only getting started, be sure to check out all our precious metals categories and find the best beads for your upcoming project.

Silver Bi-cone Beads

Xinar’s bi-cone beads are sterling silver spacer beads that are perfect for accents in bracelets and necklaces. Explore more designs and unleash your creative spirit by enriching your workbench with various spacer beads that will provide unlimited variations to your creations.

Our bi-cone beads are smithed with precision and have delicate facets that shine in the light. Of particular importance when using silver bi-cone beads is the manufacturer’s consistency. Each bead looks identical (or they have minimal variation), and they can help produce fine jewelry in the process.

Silver Donut Beads

Silver donut beads are disc-shaped or round silver beads that have a broad central hole. These beads are appropriate for threading into chunky or thick cords, or you can also loop the thread to create chockers and other necklaces. Get more creative with the perfect assortment of spacer beads.

Silver Hogan Beads

Silver Hogan beads offer a contrasting and exciting shape that enlivens various designs, from bracelets, necklaces, and other strung patterns. These beads have flat, sloped sides akin to bi-cone practices. Alternatively, you can place a silver Hogan bead onto an ear wire, bend the loop and create an instant dangling earring. The surface of the Hogan bead is bright and smooth.

Bi-Cone Beads, Donut Beads, and Hogan Beads

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Bi-cone Beads, Donut Beads, and Hogan Beads

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